Seafood Watch Program- sustainable fishing


What is it?

The Monterey Bay Aquarium noticed that in particular areas the wild water life is being destroyed. Science and ecosystem based criteria is used to make recommendations for healthier oceans, and what seafood is a "good alternative" and what seafood you should stray from. Seafood watch has been going on since 1999 and have about 200 partners through out North America.


Why is Seafood Watch important?

As consumers and customers our decisions of seafood determine what will be fished. Currently almost 85% of fishing areas are being used at full capacity or worse, are being over fished. This matters for two reasons one is that in said areas wildlife would be forced to move their homes meaning fisherman would have to go out to potentially more dangerous areas. This is important because species of fish could become endangered or even extinct. This would upset the balance of the food webs involved which means that other animals would be affected, effecting the us humans for the worse.


What is your overall interest?

This interests me because everyone worries about endangered species and pollution but don't realize that the fish they are eating might not be around in a few years if things continue the way they are. Oceans and beaches are amazing things with beautiful and magical creatures, i have always enjoyed the water and animals deserve to enjoy the ocean as their homes too.




regulates overfishing

keeps environment in balance

allows for more diverse fisheries


not advertised enough

how often is data updated?

how is this funded?

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