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Helsinki is a bustling city area that would require a lot of energy without having a lot of space to use. I believe, solar energy is the best option for Helsinki's power source. There are many options to the power problems imagined in this assignment, but all have consequences. Coal power plants involve large smoke stacks and can cause large amounts of pollution that are not healthy for a large city area.
I believe the best option for Helsinki's power would be solar for many reasons. It is not near any large ocean, there are few prairie areas, and coal is just not a clean and healthy option. Solar power plants have tons of advantages and are a great source of power. Solar power is clearly able to power entire cities, 25 American cities have been chosen for an attempt at solar powering.....

While these cities have been chosen to switch to solar power, not only will this take a very long time of transition, it will also have to involve some coal power because of the lack of sun at night. Even with some coal power needed, it will still cut out half or more of the coal dependency in my city!
  • Completely renewable
  • No noise, water, or air pollution
  • Little maintenance to run solar cells
  • Easy to install, even if the whole city doesn't convert, I can urge citizens to do it house by house


  • Very long transfer time
  • Citizen agreement will be needed
  • Companies could be shut down

Overall, I believe this would be the best power source if Helsinki went through a crisis. Power sources are a very tricky subject, but I think solar could work for Helsinki, in time.



Electric cars are efficient and possibly resource saving vehicles that run on all electricity or a combination of fuel and electricity. Electric cars are reliable cars that use the renewable energy of electricity.
There are many types of electric vehicles like:

Plug in electric vehicles (PEV)- A motor vehicle that has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged through an electric grid (the overall category the next three kinds will fall into)Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)- A rechargeable battery that uses stored chemical energy for propulsionPlug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)- A vehicles that uses a gasoline engine and a battery motor for propulsion with the option of all electric until the battery runs outAftermarket Conversions- A standard gasoline car that can be converted into a plug in car
AdvantagesLow cost to maintain and operateSafer for the environment (less greenhouse gas emissions)Renewable energy source
DisadvantagesDifficulty to rechargeBattery expensesElectric grid overloads


Following the waste unit I have to find a way to manage waste following a significant natural disaster. In Helsinki we are surrounded by a lot of bodies of water, mainly the Gulf Of Finland. Because of the natural disaster I don't believe we would be using many commercial products and would just rely on animals and plants for food. The water would be from the bodies of water around Helsinki so I believe the only source of waste would be bodily waste. I believe we could easily drill holes for that, like they do in less developed countries. I don't think there would be much more waste besides food waste. For food waste we could compost. Compost would be very useful because a lot of our food would be grown on newly made farms. Compost could be easily made and stored in large barrels. Compost will help grow the food even better which will only improve the food supply.


Trash is a big topic in today's society. People are increasing and so is our trash, but the world is only so big. We can recycle a little here and reuse a bit there but there is still five pounds of trash per American per day. So where does it all go? Many companies are trying to keep some trash out of landfills by recycling products often thrown away and using them to make new products. This is called terracycling. A start up program in Oregon has been developing a machine to extract crude oil from recycled plastic waste. Plastic is essentially cooked then the vapor is condensed into a -like mixtures that can be extracted to make crude oil or even jet fuel. This could solve oil shortages and the lack of room for our immense amounts of trash. Each factory would cost about $5 million but I think creating 130 barrels of oil from plastic a day in just one factory is worth the money. Jeremy Roswell even plans to fly halfway across the world using fuel made from discarded plastic, this invention could change the world! Other companies are using recycled plastic to make new products, like my shoes! New balance has created a line of shoes made form PET water bottles, just another great way to recycle. While most companies are using recycled plastic to create new things, Method has created a line of soap held in bottles made form ocean plastic. A lot of plastic gets dumped in the ocean and can cause problems for animals, so Method has extracted some of this plastic and used it to make their soap bottles. Ocean plastic is a real problem, studies show many exfoliating soaps contain plastic beads that go right through water treatment plants and can end up in the ocean! Do your part and recycle, even try to buy some recycled products.
PLASTIC.jpgSHOES.jpg,default,pg.html (Video in webpage)



There has been a massive tornado in Helsinki Finland and I am the new leader of the survivors. There are approximately 500 survivors and I face a revolution if I can not supply them with an ample water supply quickly, we might even face death. I must find a clean and safe water supply quickly to sustain my people for a long period of time. Thankfully, Helsinki is near many water sources but they are not safe to drink. We have a secret government money supply and I now have access to it. We will use this to build a desalination/water treatment plant to treat the water in the bodies of water near us for drinking. We will access the nearest aquifer and store the treated water there. We will drill a second well to access the water previously stored. The water stored will also be sold for profit to other places plagued with few water sources and the money owned will be saved to treat the wastewater that will be created after all of this is in place. I believe this is a good plan for a water system in our new state of post disaster Helsinki.


The country of Kenya is in a crisis over clean water. Only 19% percent of the country has access to purification of water. People have to walk miles and miles just to be able to supply their body with water. Women are at an even higher risk because as they walk so far to get water, they can often be assaulted and raped for their possessions. There is an extreme shortage of water because of long droughts in the country. Desertification is sweeping the country and many places can not support crop growth, resulting in a food shortage along with a clean water shortage. Families are being pushed into an urban lifestyle because few can be supported off of the Kenyan land, yet many can not find work and have to live in slums. Water scarcity is a crisis that can be fixed with wells for people in their communities, it could save from attacks, long walks, and diseases like cholera or typhoid.


My area for farming is Helsinki Finland. Helsinki is a Coniferous Forest biome with very cold temperatures. This biome is in all of he United States. In a Coniferous Forest there is moderate rain and the soil can easily be planted. In Helsinki is is often very cold but many inhabitants want freshly grown food from close to home. Many have started farming for themselves by farming in boxes. Because there are no reliable organic food sources people are farming organically for themselves, enjoying the benefits of healthy farming. If I had to farm for all of Helsinki I would try vertical farming. I could get multiple plants grown and possibly control temperature. Beating the frozen soil and feeding the people good and healthy organic food. For pest control I am at a loss of what to do. I would use main pesticides used in the US, mainly biological pesticides, and eliminate most pests, because most are the same as in the US. I have read of possible mutant pests, with no specific names, which I believe could cause a lot of problems with farming in Helsinki. helsink.jpg
Thankfully most US farming techniques could be used here because the soil is similar, the temperatures are similar, and the precipitation is similar. I believe farming in Helsinki would not be difficult.

Why is cow's milk so dangerous?
Cows are continually exposed to....
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Gentically Modified Substances

All cows release toxins through their milk.

What is added to cow's milk?
  • A Varitable Hormone Cocktail- Hormones for cow's stress levelscow2.jpg
  • Gastrointestinal Peptides- Growth factors
  • rGBH- Genetically engineered hormone, linked to breast, colon, and prostrate cancer.
  • Pus- At least 322 million cells per glass. Linked to Crohn's Disease.
  • Blood Cells- USDA permits 1.5 million white blood cells per millileter of milk.
  • Antibiotics- Injected into the cows for health reasons.

What diseases are linked to drinking cow's milk?
  • Leukemia
  • Diabetes
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Mad Cow Disease
  • Homogenization

How To Avoid The Dangers Of Cow's Milk
  1. Replace cow's milk with healthy substitutes
  • Rice Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Raw Goat's Milk
  • Hemp Milk

2. Buy Non Modified Milk

3. Eat Less Cheese
  • Goat Cheese Is Best