cooltext1262409157.pngcool text.png Eastern Coast of Madagascar (20S 47E)
  • Madagascar's eastern coast has two seasons. There is a hot, rainy season from November to April but a cooler, dry season from May to October.
  • The coastal region, however, is mostly just hot, humid and tropical.


Natural Resources
  • Natural resources include a variety of unprocessed mineral and
agricultural resources, including raffia, fishing and forestry

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  • Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean right off the southeastern coast of Africa.
  • A very steep and narrow escarpment runs along Madagascar's eastern coast.
  • Also, the remaining tropical rainforest is located here.


Fun Facts!

  • Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world!
  • The island has lost more than 90 percent of it's original forest since the arrival of humans around 2,350 years ago
  • The population is approximately 22,599,098 people
  • About 80% of animals found in Madagascar do not exist anywhere else on Earth
  • Madagascar's highest mountain is Maromokotro which is 2,876 meters high