Entry #2Options for energyHydro electricity - river nearby, with lakeWind - Mountains create updraft and so wind turbines on mountainsFossil Fuels - though there are very few amounts, impoting and collecting the few there would be goodNuclear Power - there are plenty of power plants alreadyGeothermal - there are multiple geothermal springs, putting a power plant wouldn't be hard
Not optionsSolar - not always sunny, unreliable source
BEST OPTIONI would say hydroelectric energy would be the best option due to plenty of rivers and such around the area. Of course, hydroelectric energy is not collected very quickly, so reducing the energy spent would be enforced. For hydroelectricity, multiple dams would be placed on the rivers. The mountains around the area will help with creating the dam. For electricity, the water would turn the turbine which creates and stores the electricity created. For heat, it would power heaters for homes. For fuel, well, it would power many electric cars.LAWS AND ENFORCEMENTObviously, the primary enforcing law would be reducing. Reduce the use of electricity. Secondly, i would enforce electric cars. This is mainly because we would not have much oil nor would we want to import too much so electric cars could be fueled by the hydroelectricity. Our low amounts of resources would make us cautious when using resources for building and manufacturing. Once again, enforced by reducing. but also enforcing reusing would be great.



Entry #1

What is it?
Chernobyl is a nuclear power plant in Ukraine that exploded causing people in the area to be forced to leave due to the extremely harmful effects of radiation. This horrific event occurred on April 26th, 1986. The nuclear power plant exploded due to the lack of protective containment in the reactor. Such a disaster was kept secret until the Swedish picked up levels of high radiation and confronted neighboring countries to find out where it was coming from. Eventually Chernobyl was found out.
Why is it important?

The event at Chernobyl is important because it showed that nuclear power plants are not 100% safe. Such dangerous facilities can cause a massive disaster. Radiation causes cancer and such high levels that were released at Chernobyl were highly cancerous.

Impact it has on the world

The radiation levels were picked up outside Soviet borders. So accidents like this have a major impact on the world. Even if you are miles and miles away you can still be affected by the levels of radiation.

Interest, Gut Reaction, and Connection

I have an interest in the Chernobyl incident because it was a serious problem that has reoccurred. For example the nuclear reactors in Japan. Either caused by accidents or by natural reasons, this can happen again and it's important to realize that. My gut reaction is that we should not use nuclear power plants as much. If we find alternatives then we could be safer. Yet it would be more expensive. This connects to me because if another accident occurs it could affect my community. The radiation was found miles away from Chernobyl, so if a similar accident occurred it will be found miles away too.

Chernobyl power plant

cooltext928881497.pngSEWAERD TRASG DDWDAD.png

On the Seward Peninsula our waste we will be manufacturing and municipal waste. The municipal waste would be from food scraps and paper. There would be manufacturing waste due to the factories and mines. An option for disposing of this waste would be to build an incinerator to incinerate the waste. The mountainous landscape would make it difficult to build a landfill, so that would not be an option.
There wouldn't be much space in the area to build a landfill too. The space would already be taken up for houses. I would enforce a law that requires everyone to reduce their waste. Reducing the waste would mean there will be less waste to dispose of. The fewer the waste, the less we have to incinerate and release harmful chemicals in the air. I think hazardous waste could be a problem for my society because it could be even more harmful to burn chemical waste and let those toxins in the air.

Entry #1 Exporting Waste to other Countries

Exporting waste to other countries is usually done with a group of countries. The United States happens to be one of those countries. The United States sends hazardous waste to other countries around the world for treatment, disposal, or recycling.Exporting waste to other countries is very important because it provides another place to put our waste. Unfortunately it cons. Placing hazardous waste in other countries can harm the people living there. Some of the waste the U.S. exports is hazardous electronics. It is toxic to the people and the environment. I find this topic to be very interesting. I never knew that countries did this, especially the United States. It's not right that this waste is being dumped on people's land. It's very harmful and will ruin the land. If we were to stop the exporting of wastes to other countries, there would be more waste here and would really effect our lives over time. This is not a good solution to our waste problem. Hopefully we will come up with better, more effective ideas.



My coordinates are 58 degrees North and 178 degrees South,this is the Bering Sea. Instead of the sea I chose nearest land mass is the Seward Peninsula.


The Seward Peninsula gets about 10 inches of rain per year. The climate is a Tundra and has many mountains in the area. So there is not much rain water too collect. The mountains could create fresh water that would be available to us. A problem in my area would be the lack of rain. If we used Cloud Seeding we could be able to move rain clouds to our area. Too minimize non point sources for my community I would grow shrubbery along streams so the fertilizer used for crops will not run off into the water.Too minimize point solutions I would stop factory pipes from polluting the stream. If we have enough money there will be water treatment plants to filter the polluted water and turn it into drinking water. A law I would be to finish drinking all the water in water bottles so the remainder water will not be useless in a landfill.


What is a Water-Borne Pathogen?

A Water-Borne Pathogen is bacteria that has contaminated water. Water-Borne Pathogens causes sickness, like diarrhea and stomach aches when consumed. Water-borne Pathogens are can be created from the mixture of polluted run off and polluted water discharged from factories. When this polluted water reaches the filters it cannot completely filter out all the Pathogens created from the pollution. So Pathogens can be in drinking water, which cause people to get sick.


giardia.jpg 4lbCrI/AAAAAAAAAEc/mJ9DFR122Wk/s1600/giardia.jpg

Why are Water-Borne Pathogens Important?

They are important because pathogens could infect our drinking water and harm people.

Impacts of Water-Borne Pathogens

They can cause sickness, cause extreme sickness or death to babies, and can pollute drinking water, so its undrinkable.

Benefits of Water-Borne Pathogens

  • People used to drinking water with pathogens in it do not get sick from it anymore.

Drawbacks of Water-Borne Pathogens

  • Causes sickness
  • Diarrhea
  • Death

Interests in Water-Borne Pathogens

  • I am interested in Water-Borne Pathogens because its amazing to me that these bacteria can contaminate our drinking water with out anyone noticing, until someone gets sick. It's also very interesting how some people can be immune to the Pathogens in the water they commonly drink.
  • My reaction to this is a little sickened. It's a little unsettling to not know if your water is contaminated or not.
  • This connects to me because the water filters near me could not filter all the pathogens. This will cause me to get sick.


cooltext814494705 (1).png

My coordinates are 58 degrees North and 178 degrees South, which is the Bering Sea. Since its not land I choose the closest land mass which is Seward Peninsula, in Western Alaska. The Seward Peninsula is a desert that receives very little rain. Seward Peninsula receives 10 inches of rain per year. The climate there is a tundra. It has very cold winters and cool summers.


The soil there is covered in permafrost and its poorly drained and shallow. The soil is also very gravel like.Water would pass through this soil quickly so using crops that require lots of water would not be successful in supplying food for my community there. The crops I will need to grow there must be resistant to the cold and only require small amounts of water. So using crops that need lots of water, would not be a good idea. The soil will be lacking in nutrients because of the extreme cold conditions, so it would be useful to use compost. People can compost there trash in my community. The farmers will take the trash, turn it into compost and create rich soil. Insects would be the biggest threat to the crops in Alaska, so I would use Aerosol to effectively eliminate the insect pests. If this fails we could try indoor farming to protect the plants from the cold and pests.

cooltext770891732[1].PNGcooltext776704010.pngEntry #1

The Dust Bowl is a region in the western part of the United States where thick dark storms made of topsoil from the dry earth form massive clouds of dust. This occurred the most in the 1930's in the western part of the United States. At that time there was very little rain fall and there was a massive heat wave which caused drought. There was not much plant life at all and this made the dirt loose and able to be picked up by strong winds. Storm clouds would form from high winds and could carry dust for hundreds of miles, completely engulfing anything in its path with dust. More and more storms kept occurring and would completely destroy farmers crops.



It effected people health wise, and effected farmers crops. The dust storms would leave no fertile soil for the farmers to grow crops in. Since growing crops and selling them was the farmers only source of income they could not make any money at all. The few crops that would remain were eaten by starving rabbits so the farmers were left with nothing to sell. This not only effected the farmers but effected the whole country. The Dust Bowl had a major role in the Great Depression. Since many farmers could not sell crops they were forced to migrate to urban areas for employment.

Benefits of the Dust Bowl

  • The cities expanded more due to the migration of farmers looking for work in the city.

Drawbacks of the Dust Bowl

  • Massive unemployment of farmers, people getting sick from inhaling the dust which eventually gave them phenomena, and lack of crops being sold.

My interest in The Dust Bowl

I am interested in The Dust Bowl because of the strong impact it had on people in the 1930's. Seeing a ginormous cloud
surround a town must have been a very horrifying site to see. Not to mention the economic damaged it cause due to lack of crops.
It amazes me how such a storm could make such an impact on the economy.