What is Organic Farming?

Definition-Organic farming is the form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control, to maintain soil productivity and control pests on a farm.

What kind of Impact does it have on the .

Organic farming enhances natural resources, preserves the environment's balance and guarantees tastier products. It does not contain any chemical and so it produces safe and healthy food.

My personal connection

I have a garden in my backyard and It would be cheap for the size of my garden and efficient to do compose to fertilize our tomatoes and etc.


Benefits Of Organic Farming

1. Reduce The Toxic Load: Keep Chemicals Out of the Air, Water, Soil and our Bodies
2. Reduce if Not Eliminate Off Farm Pollution
3. Protect Future Generations
4. Build Healthy Soil
5. Taste Better and Truer Flavor
6. Avoid Hasty and Poor Science in Your Food

Side effects

1. Cost
2. Productivity
3. Time and Skill
4. Spoilage
5. Location