Golden Rice

golden-rice.jpgWhat Is It?

  • Genetically modified rice that contains beta carotene. The carotene has an orange - yellow pigmented color which why this is called "golden rice". It also produces vitamin A to improve the health of malnourished people who do not have access to as many nutrients in their body as the people in the United States do.
  • Golden Rice was created by Ingo Potrykus of the Institute of Plant Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Impact On The World -

  • Over time, several third world countries have many citizens
with poor health that have vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is important
for the eyes, skeletal tissue, the skin, and more. The number one

deficiency is blindness, causing pregnant women with the lack of
this vitamin to die during childbirth. As said above, beta carotene
produces vitamin A so those who eat golden rice helps reduce the
increase of blindness and death.

FACT: Over 100 million children have vitamin deficiency

  • Not everything has its beneficial side or is "perfect". There are
disadvantages of Golden Rice too. The consumption of this type of
rice can begin with birth defects. Also, indulging an excessively amount
of this could lead to hypervitaminosis which the term means having too
much vitamin A in the body because of the beta carotene.

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golden rice and vitamin A deficiency is --------------------------------->


My Connection -

  • After reading all the topics given out, the words "Golden Rice"
sparked my interest. Almost everyday, I eat rice daily and once I heard what golden rice was, I was suddenly interested. I had no idea that there was this type of rice until now!

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