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Here's how I plan to feed my people...

The soil in my community would be mostly sandy, but also have some gravel. Therefore, we would need to grow drought resistant crops that required little water and supplement the soil with compost since the large particles of sand allow water to infiltrate, but don't hold on to any moisture or nutrients for my plants to grow. I would also irrigate by drip-irrigation in order to reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs. My community would have curbside compost in addition to trash pick-up in order to make composting easier and more frequent. Citizens would be able to dispose of their organic matter such as banana peels, egg shells, and coffee grounds in a container that would get picked up and decomposed at a central site. The compost would then be given to farmers in order to increase the nutrient levels (N, P, K) in their soil. The majority of the pests found in my community would be insects, especially locusts, grasshoppers, and termites. These can do a lot of damage to my already fragile crops so I will definitely need to consider an insecticide. For pest control, we would implement IPM, starting first with a biological pesticide such as........

Though I would not require vegetarianism I would encourage a Meatless Monday idea in order to increase our food supplies and reduce the amount of energy and resources that will be needed to feed the community. If my community thrives and we build a city, we could also consider vertical farming inside of buildings so that we wouldn't have to deal with evaporation, poor soil, or pests

Now that you know a little about AGRICULTURE...what would you do for FOOD in your location?

Your job now is to analyze everything you've learned: from technology to techniques

  • You've just researched numerous student wikis...these ARE your resources!! You do NOT need to do another research project!
  • You're just THINKING practically about your location and applying the information to your climate and location!

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Your job is to analyze everything you've learned: From technology to techniques

Ideally, this may include some basic research but should mostly utilize your brain for the analysis. I'm NOT interested in your ability to research the most common exports for country XYZ. I AM interested in your ability to take the climate and landscape details that you found for your main page and summarize a reasonable method for growing food to feed the people there.

What are the best techniques to use and why?

What technologies will help you grow the most/best food in your location?

Feel free to also discuss things that wouldn't work and tell us why they would not be successful, but focus on what you WOULD do to feed your people.

Some questions to consider to probe your thought process:external image feed+the+world.gif

  • What are the possible SOIL TYPES?
  • What are common PESTS/PREDATORS in your region?

  • Common CROPS? (why?) Failed crops? (why?)
  • What is the WATER availability situation there?
  • How does topography, geography, and your climate affect your technology/technique choices?


  • Citations: your classmates' T&T pages (at least TWO) or elsewhere if there is technical info that is new (not on your original page). Use the concepts we've discussed in class as well as checking out other student wikis in order to explore a wide variety of ideas.
  • Pictures & general aesthetics
  • You don't have to include every bullet point above on your page, but I expect at least 3 to be considered a thorough attempt
  • You must address the 3 blue prompts above

Remember -this is a LONG-TERM scenario. This is why I'm not interested in your regurgitated research. Many countries are not optimally planned. You learn this information in order to better the planet and MAKE IT MORE SUSTAINABLE!


  • See discussion tab above for FAQs

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