Can you strike that delicate balance between man and nature while still supporting a comfortable existence?

This year you'll be creating a blog to chronicle the adventures of your community. The blog will serve as sort of a "journal." Since you have the knowledge and know-how (or will at the end of each unit), it's your job to rebuild your community in a sustainable manner.

Will you have enough clean water?Now that you know a little about WATER POLLUTION AND AVAILABILITY...what would you do for WATER in your location?

1. You should already know the following things (reread your Agriculture long answer):

  • What celebrity are you?

  • Where did your story leave off?

2. Now, think about where you are located. What is your climate (precipitation and temperature)

and topography (landscape)? What sources of water do you have available?

2. Based on the details of your location, what are the best techniques and technologies (use the google T and T webpages!) to help you have enough clean water? Here are some things to consider and include in your story to help you decide the best way to provide water.


  • What are possible SOURCES of freshwater available? How will you ensure an adequate SUPPLY of water or protect against too much?
  • What are water related ISSUES in your region? Of the SOLUTIONS discussed, which could actually work in your country?
  • How would you minimize POINT and NONPOINT sources of pollution in your community?
  • What will you do about wastewater/drinking water TREATMENT ?
  • What LAWS would you promote/implement to regulate water?

3. Now put your plan to set-up your water system into action by making a plan about how your community will access water and keep it clean. How will you share this plan with us? CREATE and POST THIS IN CLASSROOM!

Possible Products: (Remember that you can be looking into the future or looking back on the past.)

  • Time Capsule
  • Journal/Diary Entry
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Letter to your future self
  • Scientific Log
  • Other

4. Cite your sources. At least one of the student T and T webpages and one outside source (water source, water issues, etc.).


Have fun! The more creative you get, the more interesting it will be for us to read, however remember that the focus still needs to be on accurate content and application. Add pertinent pictures!

  • This is NOT another research project! You (and your classmates) have done the research throughout the unit. Just THINK and apply this information about water to your climate and location.
  • To make it easy for your content information to stand out, bold the words/phrases when you're talking about them.

Feel free to also discuss things that wouldn't work and tell us why they would not be successful, but focus on what you WOULD do to provide water for your people.